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Fat to Fit Naturally

If you are struggling to get rid of stubborn fat you can now find a permanent solution.

The reasons for weight gain are many. It could range from consuming too much calories at home or at work, leading a sedentary lifestyle, insomnia, lack of activity, no exercise, medications etc. But that is no reason for you to remain obese forever. You can shed those extra kilos that you have been carrying around yourself within a few weeks or months and get a new lease of life. Remember the longer you remain overweight, the harder it will be for you to lose weight in the future. So the sooner you get rid of that excess weight, the easier it will be for you to get from fat to fit!

A Weight Loss Program that works!

Cut through the confusion, the gimmicks, the fraud weight loss supplements and pills. We help you understand your body like a friend and help you develop an intimate relationship with food.

If you are overweight and struggling to lose weight, the biggest reason is that you have been eating the wrong kinds of foods - foods that do not sit well with your body and blood type. Even after eating all the right foods and following the right diets, you do not seem to lose any weight. Moreover the foods that you are eating are not providing you with the right form of nutrition and energy. With the result that your skin and hair are also not in the best of health, your energy levels are low and your sleep patterns are disrupted. Whenever you eat be it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also when snacking in between meals you should know which foods are responsible for piling on the kilos.

What to Expect

In order to lose weight there are some weight loss principles that every person needs to know. You will be exposed to these principles and with the help of that you can lose fat and control your weight. Our weight loss program shows you healthy ways to eat so that over time healthy eating becomes a natural habit for you. And ideal weight loss program will continue for atleast two months because any quick weight loss can easily come back besides making you feel dull and lethargic and cause hair loss, poor skin tone and texture and cause irreparable harm to your body. Weight loss should be a slow process because lets face it, you did not gain all that fat quickly. If it took you years to gain fat do you think it is healthy to try and lose that fat in just a few weeks?!

Goal-Oriented Program

We normally target a healthy weight reduction of 1 kg per week.The amount of weight loss each week will vary from person to person. Weight loss will happen on schedule provided you follow the advice given to you and concentrate on changing your eating habits and follow the program as outlined. Do not worry whether the weight loss program is working or not. Just start eating the way our program tells you to and the weight will come off - that's a guarantee!

Sustained Weight Loss

Any weight loss program can help you to lose weight but for most people there seems to be a problem keeping that weight off. Most people who lose weight gain their lost weight back within a year! That will not happen with our Weight Loss Program because it is a dynamic program and every time you realise that some weight is creeping back in, you can make minor changes to your diet with our support program.

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